Dr. Rich Powell
Rich was born and raised in Colombia, South America as the son of missionaries. He attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and Piedmont Bible College earning a Th.B. in 1987. Rich has been pastor of Grace Bible Church since December, 2003. He has completed Masters and Doctoral degrees through Master's International Divinity School.

Dwight Ball
Dwight is our Pastor of Ministries and a regular speaker when Dr. Powell is out of town.

Brian Wheeler
Brian is doing a series entitled "Survey of Old Testament Prophets".

Dr. Bruce Little
Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Associate Dean of Theological Studies Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Former pastor of Grace Bible Church.

Peter Dunn
Peter's verse by verse study of Daniel done in the adult Sunday School class.

Joshua Spencer
The New Testament cannot be understood in isolation from its Old Testament background. "The gospel of God" is that "which He had promised afore by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures." We miss so much of the force and richness of the gospel when we fail to see it against the backdrop of the Old Testament. In this class we will survey the Old Testament discussing things like the Trinity at the creation, the role of the Law of Moses today, the Old vs New Covenants, Old Testament theophanies and prophecies of Christ, etc. We will also identify some apologetic responses to common objections from Jewish and liberal scholars.

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